about our campaign

our building

Make our building welcoming and safe for students to build community.

$15,000 -

$50,000 -

$10,000 -

Estimated difference between damages incurred during the summer 2020 protests and insurance coverage. 

Renovations including covering exposed asbestos flooring, addressing security issues, repainting, and repairing HVAC system. 

COVID-19 impact: As Pace works to develop a space safe for students to build community, it will have increased expenses including: increased janitorial services, outdoor seating, etc.


our mentorship program

Launch the new Pace Mentoring Program: Building relationship during a time of physical distance

$6,000   -

$2,000   -

$17,000 -

Database management system development

Computer equipment and software, materials, and supplies, for students to have reliable connectivity while meeting with their mentor.

Part-time program support (data entry, outreach, oversight, and communications). 



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