Community Conversations

Summer of listening

How has the death of George Floyd impacted you?

Group Participation

Step 1


Gather either in-person or online with a group of people you have already developed a relationship with. Your family, a group of friends, a small group from church.

Step 2


Assign different members of the group reading from above to read out loud. Make sure to click on the picture to see the entire reflection on: How has the death of George Floyd impacted you?

Step 3


Take a few moments of silence in between each reflection for members of the group to reflect on what they have heard. Some might want to write down thoughts or draw a reflection.

Step 4

Share your learning

Invite members of the group to go around and share what they have learned from hearing others' experiences. Note: The focus of this time is on what you have learned from others, not on your experience.

Pace will provide an opportunity for others to submit what they have learned. With permission, we will post some of these submissions. Now would be an appropriate time to share some of the posts of what others have learned. If everyone in the group agrees, share highlights of what your group learned with us here.

Step 5

Share your experience

If time permits, allow members of the group who feel comfortable to answer the question for themselves out loud: How has the death of George Floyd impacted you?

Step 6

Listen even more

Challenge members of the group to repeat this experience with others or simply ask others whom you already have deep relationship: How has the death of George Floyd impacted you?

Next time your group meets - reflect on the experience. 

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