Community Conversations

Summer of listening

How has the death of George Floyd impacted you?

What is Community Conversations?


Since 2017, Pace has been hosting VCU students to engage in conversations with one another. The topics have included: How has your community impacted your mental health? How has your community impacted your physical health? What is motivating you to vote tomorrow? 

Pace Community Conversations have had the following as it's guide: 

Goal: Share diverse experiences so we can learn from one another.

Theory: Focus on the individual's experiences. You can debate someone's policy positions, but you can't debate their experiences. When you hear about other's experiences, you learn and grow. We as a community, learn and grow.

How: By creating a space for minority and majority voices to be heard:

#1 Be Respectful

#2 Expect to Learn


  • This is an experiment.

  • We are not perfect.

  • Feedback is welcome.