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Stuart Circle Parish Council Summer Kitchen Drive

Did you know that many VCU students struggle to meet their basic needs? 45% of students experience food insecurity at some point in their college careers. Studies show that hunger and economic strain are linked to low test scores and low graduation rates (only 37% of VCU students graduate after 4 years).


Pace helps to combat this statistic by hosting communal meals, allowing free use of our kitchen by students, and providing ready-made meals and snacks to any student who comes through our doors. Communal meals are at the center of many Pace events. Pace offers several meals a week to students through programs such as our Stories and Lunch program, where students share stories around a theme over a homemade meal prepared by local congregants, and Family Dinner, where students cook and share a meal together.


Our kitchen is used every day of the week by students who are preparing meals by themselves, with their roommates, or with a group. Pace strives to embody the Great Feast found in the Kingdom of Heaven. Communal meals allow students an entry point to explore the cultures of other students, they bring people together, and, most importantly, sharing meals satisfies the basic human needs of food and community.


Due to heavy use, Pace’s cookware, kitchen tools, and appliances wear out rapidly. 

We are so grateful to the parishes of Stuart Circle who are helping us to restock this summer! See below for ways to get involved.

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