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exam goody bags

Exam Goody Bags Help Pace encourage wellbeing during exam season.

Step 1: Purchase the bags: The recommended bag size is 8.25"x5.25"x3.25"
You can purchase on Amazon, Target, or Dollar Tree. If you're able to shop local, that works, too!


Step 2: Purchase items for the bags: Recommended items for bags: pencils, erasers,
candy, motivational sayings, fruit or Nutri-grain bars, small water bottles, #2 pencil, Fruit snacks, gum, tic-tacs, and instant coffee packets or tea.


Step 3: Create Motivational sayings cards: Cards can be index size (3"x5") or smaller. Some examples of motivational sayings for exam season, "You can do it!' Don't Give Up!' Believe in yourself!' Take your time!'. Because all faith communities are represented at the Pace Center, we kindly ask that all notes are secular. 

Engaging Idea: have your children's Sunday school create the motivational


Step 4: Assemble the Bags:  Assemble the bags with listed items above.

Engaging Idea: host an inter-generational event to assemble the bags! Maybe a sticker that says, "bags prepared by members of _______________ church."

Step 5: Drop off the bags at Pace by Friday, April 26th: Bring completed bags to the Pace Center (700 W. Franklin St) so they can be distributed to students before exams begin! Pace is open from 9 am - 5 pm weekdays. Call or email ahead to ensure a staff member will be present.

Contact Rev. Russ Kerr with questions or to let us know you are participating. or (804) 658-4064

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