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Welcome plants

Decorate pots and plant succulents as welcome gifts for VCU freshmen.

Step 1: Purchase pots: The ideal size is 2-4” high with saucers. You can find these at Dollar Tree, Lowes, Home Depot. (A local nursery is always preferred and they may be able to get you a deal!)

Step 2: Decorate the pots: At a minimum, place a Pace sticker on the pot. Let us know how many pots you are making and we will get you the stickers.

Engaging idea: have your VBS kids, Sunday School classes, or families paint the pots fun colors. Remember, VCU is artsy, students love creativity


Step 3: Plant herbs or succulents: 

  • Succulents: This is the less time consuming option, but more expensive. Small succulents can be found for under $1 at nurseries and home improvement stores. They prefer the dryer soil.

  • Herbs: Plant Basil, Mint or Rosemary. The easiest way is to buy small plants. Other option: House plants that need minimal care.

  • Make sure to read the watering instructions and KEEP them with the plants.

Engaging Idea: Plant basil and mint seeds (rosemary will probably take too long) and watch them grow. Here is a guide that will work for Basil or Mint seeds. Even the youngest toddlers can put seeds in pots :)


Step 4: Care for plants over summer:  IMPORTANT: Keep plants indoors. They won’t grow as fast, but they thrive better in students’ dorm rooms if they don’t experience the shock of the transition from outdoor to indoor.

Engaging Idea (from Laurel Park UMC): Have your homebound members take care of them over the summer, and make extras so they can some throughout the year for themselves.

Step 5: Deliver to Pace: Between August 5-15, bring your plants to The Pace Center so we can make last-minute preparations to give them to students during the August 17 Move-In Day. (Summer hours vary. Connect with a staff member to coordinate a drop off).

Contact Rev. Russ Kerr with questions or to let us know you are participating. or (804) 658-4064

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