Servant Leadership Institute 

What is the Servant Leadership Institute?


The Servant Leadership Institute (SLI) is an opportunity for students to learn and use an asset-based model of community development. Asset-Based Community Development starts with the principle that everyone cares deeply about certain things, and these passions provide the motivations for people to contribute and act.  

These passions can be harnessed to create a community of invested individuals that promotes a web of gifts, capabilities, and assets. 

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Online Training

Participants complete the following 3-step training at home BEFORE attending the in-person Listening Survey Training.  Please make sure to bring the Hands Exercise with you to the training.

Step 1: Watch all 5 on-line videos

Go to Coaching Cloud 



password: AllHaveGifts1

Click on Mindlab

Begin Pace Training Module

Step 2: Take on-line quiz 

Link Here

Step 3: Complete Hands Exercise

Print the Hands Exercise

take 10 uninterrupted minutes to draw pictures or write words following the instructions on the page. Bring with you to first in-person training.

VCU Listening Survey

Please refer to your guidelines for the number of surveys you need to complete and when. They must be done in-person.