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Are you a non-student wondering how you or your church can support Pace's mission?
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Prepare a Meal

Prepare a meal for "Stories and Lunch" where students build community by sharing a personal story based on a theme.

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Donate Snacks

Each week dozens of students gather at Pace because it feels like home. Help us make Pace even more welcoming -

Donate Snacks!


Recommend a Student

Know a VCU student or future VCU student who should get more involved with Pace?


Welcome Plants

Decorate pots and plant succulents as welcome gifts for VCU freshmen.

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Become a Mentor

Sign-up for students to connect with you if they are interested in your professional field, community service area, or church leadership position.


Donate Food Containers

Pace sends leftovers home iwth hungry studentsin reusable food containers.

Donate your new or used containers!

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Exam Goody Bags

Care for students as they prepare for finals by assembling Exam Goody Care Bags!

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Donate to VCU's Free Store

The Free Store is an on-campus resource for students that provides gently used everyday items such as school and art supplies, housewares, electronics, and more. Donate to the free store below.

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Bring Your Dog

We are always looking for friendly dogs for our Walk-A-Dog program. Come walk with us and get to know our students!


Donate Kitchen

Whether it's by themselves or with a group, students love to cook at Pace! Donate new and used pots, pans, and other kitchenwares. 



Make the outside of Pace as weldcoming as the inside. Come alone or coordinate a group effort!


Donate to VCU
Ram Pantry

VCU's Ram Pantry serves over 100 students per week. Click below to find out how to donate.

Reach out to find out more about these and other ways to get involved.
Email Rev. Katie B. Gooch:
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